Black anodized screws. As a manufacturer of all screws, DFM can not only produce standard size screws but also customize its size/material. Our products are in line with GB, American Standard (ANSI), Germany Standard (DIN), Japanese Standard (JIS), International Standard (ISO), and we can meet your specific requirements. We are always developing new products, and spare no efforts in providing good service for you.

Screw Machine Products & Services, Black anodized screws

  • From M1-M12 or 0#-1/2# diameter
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum

DFM is stainless steel screw manufacturers and suppliers. Any stainless steel screw we can design, engineer, and manufacture stainless steel screws to meet your companies specific qualifications. Nuts have internal machine threads, for use with machine thread bolts and screws.

Stainless steel bolts & nuts manufacturers

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