Custom Nust

We offer nuts in inch and metric. We can also make your nut per your size and plating specifications. Our nut line has many different materials as well. From plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, various grades of steel, and much more, we can supply your nut in the material you need.

Types of Nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts

Custom Nuts

Larger, heavier, and thicker than a standard hex nut. Heavy hex nuts are hex shaped, internally threaded, and driven with a wrench. Often used with hex cap screws and carriage bolts.

Slotted Hex Nuts

Custom Nuts

Slotted hex nuts are nuts with portions cut out designed to be used with a cotter ping to create a locking mechanism. These nuts are similar to a castle nut but have a lower profile which sometimes makes them a better option.

Round Nuts

Custom Nuts

They can be tightened by means of a slotted screwdriver and are intended to be used for locking components where no specific pre-stressing forces are required.

Nylon Nuts

internally threaded with a nylon insert. The nylon material prevents loosening from vibration and cross threads to stop the nut from backing off of the fastener.

Coupling Nuts

A coupling nut is a threaded fastener used for joining two male threads, most commonly threaded rod. The outside of the fastener is a hex so it can be driven with a wrench.

Cap Nuts

A nickel-plated cap nut with a domed top.
Cap nuts or acorn nuts have a domed shape and hexagonal driving surface. You can often install them by hand. They screw onto the exposed threads on a bolt or threaded rod to protect against injury, damage and to add a decorative look. You’ll see cap nuts on projects such as outdoor playsets and fences.

Custom Nuts – Materials and Finishes

Material selection for your component is important, as different physical and chemical characteristics can improve the performance of your application greatly. Let our team help you select the right material to ensure your part meets the requirements and restrictions of the application.

Custom Nust. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer treatment and finishing services to facilitate the delivery of a strong and durable nut. For example, we provide heat treatment to enhance the nut’s hardness and a range of finishes-from automotive and black oxide to silver and zinc plating-to improve the nut’s functional and aesthetic qualities.

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