Custom Screws

Screws come in almost every size and style imaginable, but engineers and OEMs know there are applications where an off-the-self fastener won’t suffice. Designing a custom or modified screw is a perfect solution for these situations, saving you time and money over searching for stock screws to meet your mechanical application requirements.

Manufacturers sometimes purchase fasteners providing dimensions suitable for product specifications. However, today companies frequently commission the design and manufacture of bespoke or custom fasteners specifically designed to fit the parameters required by their goods. By obtaining customized fasteners, they seek to enhance product quality.

Custom tipped set screws are ideal for prototypes and high precision applications requiring:

  • Non-standard thread size or pitch
  • Unusual head diameters
  • Non-standard length
  • Tight tolerances
  • Specialty or exotic materials
  • Compliance with industry specifications

As a custom screw and fastener manufacturer, we have machined parts for many industries. we can custom manufacture fasteners and screws for your specific application

DFM Rapid is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom and standard fastener needs, no matter your industry, application, or tolerances!