Custom Bolt Manufacturing. DFM is well known for the capabilities to manufacture custom screws. Our highly skilled team will work closely with customers to provide solutions. Our machine shop services include CNC turning, CNC milling, automatic bar machining, multi-spindle machining and more.

Bolts are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and widely used fasteners in the industry. A variety of bolts can be found in both the simplest and most basic assemblies as well as more complex connections in high-stress and extreme temperature situations. While bolts may seem simplistic at the core DFM offers a variety of components for any and all type of situations. Not only are we highly flexible at bolt production, but we also strive to deliver services that are fast, quality-tested, and suitable to your exact production policies. please feel free to get a quote online

Custom Screw Manufacturer China

Custom Screw Manufacturer China

DFM can not only produce standard size screws but also customize its size/material. Our products are in line with GB, American Standard (ANSI), Germany Standard (DIN), Japanese Standard (JIS), International Standard (ISO), and we can meet your specific requirements. We are always developing new products, and spare no efforts in providing good service for you.

  • From M1-M12 or 0#-1/2# diameter
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum
Custom Screw

Custom Bolts

Custom Bolt Manufacturing. DFM assists customers seeking to design and produce prototypes. We also help customers develop custom OEM metal parts for their brands.

Custom Bolt:  Manufacturers may design a bespoke or custom bolt to fit a specific mechanical part.

Custom OEM Bolt:  In some situations, manufacturers invest in the creation of custom bolts intended for use only within a specific brand of products owned by the manufacturer or its partners. These proprietary original equipment manufacturer bolts enable brand owners to replace lost or damaged bolts dependably during a repair procedure. Repair technicians and customers gain the assurance of knowing a custom OEM bolt intended for a specific model will fit that model with precision during a replacement procedure.

Machined Bolt:  Sometimes a manufacturer machines metal work pieces to help create bolts within desired parameters.

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Custom Bolts

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