CNC machining is a manufacturing category that includes many different computer-controlled processes where raw material is selectively removed in exact amounts to produce a near-final shape.

Standard CNC machining processes include

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Surface grinding


Whenever a machine is digitally controlled there must always be a 3D CAD file of the part design which is used to program the machine’s movements.

One of the great advantages to CNC machining is its versatility. It is highly flexible and adaptable to many shapes and sizes of parts, and because there is no need for fixed tooling one part can be made just as easily as one thousand. CNC machined components are full strength and they have excellent surface finishes. You can choose to put them into service immediately or they can be further processed with additional treatments such as plating, polishing, anodizing, painting and more.

CNC machining service suppliers should save your time, money, and efforts apart from giving you a comprehensive and practical manufacturing solution.

I will help you select the right CNC service supplier for your business. Make sure you keep the following factors in mind before taking this crucial decision.

1. Location
Search for a CNC machine shop close to you. Or you can search CNC Machining China to looing for a CNC Machining shop in china.

2. Communication
When choosing a shop for your CNC project, it is important to have good Communication.

3. Production Capacity
Determine the capacity of the CNC machining company. Some CNC machining companies only have the ability to prototype machining and small-batch machining. The number of CNC machines and the size of the CNC machining company is an indication if the CNC machining company can handle either small batch CNC machining or mass production for your CNC machining job.

4. Consistent Quality
High-quality is an important consideration. Check if the CNC machine shop can handle your tolerance requirements in terms of CNC precision engineering standards.

5. Timely Deliveries
A good CNC machine shop can ship your parts on time and provide rush orders when needed.